About Us

HandyTrac principals have been innovating and creating programs for Multi Family for 30 years:

"Little Buddy" rent roll program; Clever Computer Internet Services; online key control and work order systems. More recently, HandyTrac designed the first integrated biometric identity verification for key control systems, and provides online reports, building pull, and key bitmapping. Also, HandyTrac markets and distributes the WaterSignal, LLC Leak Detection and Water Conservation program.

HandyTrac Systems is the "Low Cost Leader" for multifamily!

HandyTrac is a member of:

John Lie-Nielsen

Chief Executive Officer

John Lie-Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer, has more than 30 years leadership experience in technology and Real Estate. In 1995, he started HandyTrac Systems to provide key control for the multifamily industry. He also launched WaterSignal, a leader in water conservation programs for real estate. In 1983, he founded Johnstown American, which managed 180,000 apartment and condominium units. Lie-Nielsen is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Emory University in Atlanta with a BA in Economics. He has been awarded 3 patents.

Steve Alvarez

Vice President/Partner

Steve Alvarez, Vice President/Partner, has over 25 years of property management experience. He was Senior Vice President, Operations for General Investment and Development Co., and held executive positions with Alex Brown Property Management, Johnstown American and Epoch Management. Alvarez is a Certified Apartment Property Supervisor (CAPS), a Certified Manager of Housing (CMH) and a University of Florida graduate with a BSBA in both Insurance and Finance.

Larry Kratz

Executive Vice President

Larry Kratz, Executive Vice President, has over 17 years of experience in sales to the multi-family housing industry. In addition to his managerial duties, Larry also markets the HandyTrac key control system to customers in Florida, the Mid-Atlantic and North Eastern regions.

Prior to joining HandyTrac, Larry worked in technology sales for both Nextel Communications and AT&T. Larry also worked for Dean Witter Reynolds in New York City for 5 years.

Larry has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University.

Debra Lie-Nielsen

Vice President Client Services

Debra Lie-Nielsen, Vice President Client Services, has over 20 years experience with HandyTrac Systems working directly with multifamily sites providing training and service on software and communications. Prior to this was an elementary school teacher. She has a BS degree from the University of Missouri in Early Childhood Development and Elementary Education.



  • Our relentless focus on cost control and efficiency assures lowest prices.


  • We keep our promises to customers and to each other.


  • Our products are “built to last”. Systems installed over 15 years ago are still going strong.


  • We are known and praised for excellent service.

Technical Innovation

  • HandyTrac holds 3 US patents and another pending.
    We focus on our customer’s needs, then invent and test solutions.