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Standard Touch Key Control System

The Standard Touch provides reliable and efficient key management solutions with its user-friendly 7″ touchscreen interface, Wi-Fi and ethernet connection and essential security features.

Premium Touch Key Control System

Premium Touch Key Control System

The Premium Touch system offers advanced and intuitive key management solutions with its biometric fingerprint reader, user-friendly 7″ touchscreen interface, and comprehensive security features.

Coming Soon! Platinum Touch Key Control System

The Platinum Touch systems offers a large, bright 10” touchscreen with advanced key control solutions, biometric identify verification, and system management features.

Fingerprint scanner assures only authorized staff can access system
User-friendly touch screen makes key pull quick and easy
Instant reporting and audit trail available on touch screen and website

Building Better Systems For Over 25 Years

HandyTrac Product Features

  • The patented HandyTrac Online program provides ongoing internet system/information access, secure data backup and storage, support/warranty service, training, and system upgrades.
  • HandyTrac is an integrated system that provides the software and hardware you need to manage keys and assets
  • HandyTrac’s computer controlled, locking steel wall mounted cabinet(s) provide the highest level of safety and security, so only authorized users have access to keys
  • HandyTrac system does not require a dedicated or special computer system
  • HandyTrac system administrative functions and reporting available from any computer with Internet access
  • Each key within the HandyTrac system is traceable
  • HandyTrac system offers several reporting options, with standard and customized reports available to streamline operations and to track keys, assets, locations, and the people who use them
  • HandyTrac identifies keys by using anonymous bar coded tags
  • HandyTrac’s software and hardware combine to link all the cabinets within your system
  • Wall mounted for ease of use and space conservation
  • Bar code tags/badges
  • Print reports directly from Amazon Web Services cloud platform
  • Flame retardant Polycarbonate/ABS enclosure
  • Integrated Biometric Identity verification available

Key Cabinet and Control Box

  • Up to four (4) key panels – 100 hook locations each (total capacity for single cabinet – 400 hooks)
  • Electronic lock/latch manual key backup
  • Control Interface Relay (CIR) board between Datalog Touch Pad and Key Cabinet electronic lock

Software and Supplies

  • HandyTrac Software (pre-installed into Datalog)
  • Employee Identification Badges (bar coded)
  • Bar Coded Key Tags
  • Easy Guide for Installation and Operation
  • Biometric Reader (optional)
  • HandyTrac Key Organizer (optional)

Detailed System Specifications

System Specifications:

  • Single Cabinet (up to 400 keys)- 27.5”H x 27”W x 8”D*
  • Dual Cabinet-(up to 800 keys)- 27.5″H x 42”W x 8”D*
  • Standard 120V – NEMA 5-15P (Type B)
  • 18 gauge steel with black powder coat finish cabinet
  • Touch screen interface with 8 core computer, real time calendar clock, touch screen keyboard, badge reader, communications interface.
  • Full 7″ or 10” touch screen display
  • Power Usage: 20w/30va MAX, 10w/18va NOMINAL

*includes recommended clearances