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multifamily key managementWhen it comes to security, HandyTrac stands out with effective key control technologies that protect residents and property owners alike.

Key control represents a reinforced shield that can be incorporated into an existing building security plan. Yes, by all means, keep that dusty, dog-eared key ledger and the single-employee key checkout oversight system — which makes only one person responsible for each key. But while you are making that ledger entry, and wondering what happened to page 5, don’t forget that a truly secure and effective key management system demands that unit keys be easy to get to, secure in their location, and consistently trackable.

What is key management?

Key management is a system that ensures the security and availability of physical keys enhanced by options that free up time, facilitate reporting, and ensure that duplicate keys are not mismanaged. Thanks to the electronic age, key control and management systems can bolster existing security measures and key access protocols.

HandyTrac’s two revolutionary key control systems include the Standard and Premium Touch models.

These systems can also reduce the costs inherent in a strictly physical, paper-based key inventory and checkout system. One of these costs is lost keys. Another is the associated and inherent security breach, as managers either rekey the lock, ask the tenant for their key for duplication, or replace the entire lockset.

HandyTrac’s key control and management systems are designed so that authorized users can access keys within an architecture of advanced technology that systematically records each and every incursion.

In many instances, instituting a more effective and durable program in the business world means deleting any bulky, archaic holdovers. Not so with HandyTrac, which can incorporate and help streamline existing manual key controls with overall physical security strategy.

Even down to the Standard Touch model, a number of options can be added to tailor the package.

● For integrated solutions, where a single building is the target, management software can help streamline key checkout, lost keys, move-in move-outs, and ongoing maintenance projects (i.e., painting and replacing appliances).

● For more than one property, or location (whether across the parking lot, across the state, or across the nation), with management software on board, permission levels can be set for each individual, from president and CEO to building manager, and from there to front office personnel and maintenance staff.

● Data can be accessed from any electronic device connected to the distributed network. This remote capability also allows users to pinpoint who last had a certain key. Management and front office staff can also run and print activity reports, or sort databases based on different guidelines.

Property managers looking to improve their property management tactics could do no better than to contact HandyTrac today.