Platinum HandyTrac Systems Include:

  • Large 10″ Touch Screen Interface
  • Fast 8 Core ARM Cortex-X1 1.8ghz Processor
  • Full website access directly on the display*
  • Easy Wall Mounting
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • Multilingual Support (English, Spanish, Tagalog)
  • Full System Warranty
  • USA Based Technical Support
  • Single or Double Cabinet
  • Biometric Fingerprint Access
  • Enhanced Security
  • 50% increase in number of units displayed at once
  • One Touch Building Pull Integration for Pulling Multiple Keys
  • Audit Trail – Reports are backed up to Amazon Web Services
  • Customizable Activity Codes
  • Instant Reports – Keys Out, Who Has Key and Why, When Returned
  • Built-in Door Alarm with Email Notification
  • Unit Notes
  • Unit Restrictions
  • Yardi Interface

Yardi users: Yardi users with a HandyTrac Touch system can customize their experience through the use of a unique and secure work order system. Features like service order and staff data importation allow managers to quickly review staff data and execute assigned work orders directly via the Touch datalog.

*Future firmware update


Platinum Touch

The platinum Touch System combines biometric technology and a large touch screen display in a single unit to offer the highest level of security, reporting, and flexibility.

Authorized management team members have full website access for system management directly on the Platinum Touch display.

The large 10" screen provides a 50% increase in the number of displayed units, saving additional time for key requests.

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