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building securityIf you’re working to improve safety and security in your building or multifamily property, be careful not to overlook the most vulnerable point of potential breaches: the door. Any building security package that doesn’t include some sort of key control system is leaving at least one gaping hole in their net.

A property can have the most high-tech cameras, the most robust gate security, the strongest locks, and the most diligent staff; if the keys to the property aren’t properly inventoried, monitored and regulated, it’s the same as leaving the front door open. The smart bad guys know the best way to break in is not by hacking your security systems, picking your locks or using brute force — it’s by getting a key. This is why any building management team serious about protecting its facility or tenants should include key control in their security portfolio.

Why is key control one of the most critical elements of your security? Here are just a few reasons.

One-third of burglaries aren’t forced entry.

According to statistics reported by Safewise, over one-third of home burglars simply walk through the front door — and this statistic only covers residential theft. In other words, a large portion of criminals look for alternative points of entry than sheer force, and they’ll gladly choose unlocking a door over breaking it down. While security systems provide an excellent deterrent, if you aren’t controlling your keys, you’re effectively only covering 66 percent of your total potential vulnerability.

Your keys are your weakest link.

The keys to your facility or complex are small yet powerful because they are the tools that provide access to every room and every unit. And yet, they also constitute the weak link in your security chain for two reasons: 1) They are small, and therefore easy to hide, misplace or copy; and 2) There are so many of them roaming around. It’s not feasible to try to shore up this vulnerability by reducing the number of keys — your staff needs those keys to perform their functions — so the next best way to shore up this weakness is to have a system that controls access to the keys and gives an account for where every key is at any given time.

You could be held liable if an incident occurs.

This is particularly true if you are overseeing a building or property with multiple residents or commercial tenants. Management is responsible for performing due diligence to keep the property safe from intruders and criminals. If a crime occurs on the premises and the investigation concludes the point of entry came from a mismanaged key, you may be held legally responsible on the grounds of negligence.

A proper key control system saves you money over time. When keys aren’t properly inventoried and monitored, a lost key becomes an expensive prospect. Changing the locks throughout the facility can be quite costly, especially if the lost key provides widespread access. By comparison, spending a few extra dollars of your security budget on a key control system means your keys remain relevant for longer, and locks have to be changed far less frequently.

With greater accountability, infractions are easier to spot.

A good key control system includes tracking and reporting capabilities. This allows management to always have an eye on who has keys out, to which rooms/units, and for what reasons. This means anomalies and irregularity become easier to identify. If a violation occurs, you’ll be able to see where it occurred and who was involved — and if necessary, so will law enforcement.

You can prevent crimes.

Of course, one of the best things about key control is the crimes that won’t happen. Any employee who comes on staff with bad intentions will understand immediately that every key is tracked and accounted for — that he/she will be immediately identified for misuse. Many potential crimes are halted before they start.

Sometimes the smallest details become our worst enemies. Why spend thousands of dollars improving your security package only to leave your greatest area of vulnerability uncovered?

HandyTrac offers a selection of state-of-the-art key control systems that are both reliable and affordable. Contact us by email or phone at 1-800-665-9994 to see what we can do for you.