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4 Key Management Reports Provided by HandyTrac

By September 29, 2017No Comments

For multifamily dwellings, student and military housing, having a proper key management system in place is essential to ensuring the safety and security of your tenants. Of course, that’s only half the battle. It’s just as important to have key management reports that show you which keys were checked out, when, and by whom. This “paper trail” is critical, not just for protecting your tenants and keeping your employees accountable, but also to protect your company and to prove due diligence.

Logging key check-in and check-out can be a full-time job in and of itself, which is why HandyTrac simplifies the process by keeping track for you and generating four different types of key management reports. Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Reports by Housing Unit

This report focuses on each individual unit in your complex, documenting how many times keys were checked out for that unit during the report period, as well as who checked them out, and for what purpose. If a specific tenant has expressed concerns about entry into their unit, you’ll easily be able to identify any discrepancies.

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2. Reports by Functional Activity

This report sorts all key management activity in your facility according to reason code (e.g., preventative maintenance or a unit inspection). This feature helps you keep track of things like ongoing maintenance functions as well as providing documentation for compliance purposes.

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3. Keys Out Report

Find out at any time which keys are checked out, by whom and for what reason. Pull this report anytime you want a snapshot of current activity on your property, or have a keys out report emailed to you daily. This way, you can easily track employee activity on the grounds to make sure everyone is where they should be — and be alerted if anyone is where they shouldn’t be.

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4. Report by Employee

This report identifies each employee’s key in-and-out activity during the specified report period, useful for tracking with job performance as well as identifying any unusual activity. These four key management reports can be accessed online from any authorized device, sent to any printer in your network and/or emailed to pertinent staff, making it easy to pull and access reports anytime you need them.

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To learn more about HandyTrac’s key management reporting features, contact us today!