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secure key controlOne of the most powerful strategies for secure key management is to “anonymize” the keys in your system — that is, to mask a key’s identification so it’s not readily apparent which door the key unlocks until it is checked out to an authorized employee. HandyTrac accomplishes this with anonymous barcoded key tags that are readable only by the system. But what happens if a key tag gets lost? What happens if the tag gets damaged so the system no longer reads it?

The good news is that a barcode key tag is nothing more than a bit of code that the computer uses to identify the key. When the tag becomes compromised, all you need to do to make the key secure again is to cancel the old code and assign a new one. HandyTrac has made it easy to replace lost or damaged key tags, and this article will explain the process.

Remove the Old Key Tag Code from the Log and Replace it with a New One

The first step in replacing a key tag is always to remove the old tag code from the system. This step not only eliminates confusion from multiple codes, but it also renders the old code useless so it no longer identifies the key. (This is not unlike canceling a stolen credit card so thieves can’t use it.) Only staff whose badges have master access can edit key tag information. Here’s how to remove the old key tag from the system:

1. Have your replacement key tag ready. (See below for how to obtain replacement tags.)

2. Log into the system at a key control panel using your badge and PIN.

3. Type in Code 04 to tell the system you want to edit a key tag, then follow the prompts.

4. Enter the 4-digit code of the old key tag when prompted by the system. (If the tag has been lost, use the key map to look up the code.)

5. Scan the new key tag and press Enter. The computer will automatically negate the old code and replace it with the new code, activating the new tag.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for every additional key tag you want to replace. Press “Out” if you are finished.

7. Attach the new tag to the key. (If you’re doing multiple keys, make sure you don’t confuse them and attach the tag to the wrong key!)

To Order New Replacement Key Tags and Other Supplies

HandyTrac has made it easy to replace the supplies you need for your key control system, including replacement tags for as many keys as you need.

1. Log into your account on the upper right corner of our website.

2. Go to the Supplies page.

3. Click on replacement key tags (available in batches of 100, or order a specific number at $1 per tag). Add them to your cart.

4. Complete your order at the checkout page.

Replace Tags as Often as You Like

You can replace key tags within your system even if a tag is not damaged or lost, and every so often you might want to do this for added security. Simply go through the process of editing and replacing tags any time you want to trade out the barcodes.

HandyTrac is committed to helping you keep your key control system secure, which is why we’ve made the process of replacing lost or damaged key tags as simple as possible. For any other questions, call us at 1-800-665-9994.