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electronic key controlA carefully managed electronic key control system is essential for the security of any property, whether it’s a multifamily community, campus, military housing, office, or factory. When you are able to track the location of your keys at any given time, you can protect your facility against key misuse and intruders. There are many ways to establish a secure key control system, and numerous options to help you accomplish this goal. So what makes HandyTrac the best electronic key control option?

Here are just a few of the features we feel make our system the best choice for your community or facility.

Security for a Wide Range of Budgets and Applications

From the Standard Touch system to our expanded Premium option, our electronic key control systems are designed to provide comprehensive, streamlined security, as well as accountability and reporting without a lot of extra effort on your part.

Multi-factor Authentication

With our system, employees must go through a layered identification process to open the box and pull a key—including noting which key they are taking and why. The process is easy for employees after the initial training period, but exceedingly difficult for bad guys to hack or bypass.

Anonymous Barcoding System

Gone are the days of marking your keys with the rooms they open — that just makes it easier for an intruder to find and use the key they need. With HandyTrac, each key comes with a barcode tag that is readable only by the system. That way, if a key is lost or dropped, someone can’t just pick it up and figure out which room or unit it opens. Key tags are easy to activate and replace, as well. This anonymous system also safeguards against breaches from the inside. Not only are the barcodes unreadable by humans, but the HandyTrac system also hangs these keys in random locations in the box, making it impossible for someone with access to the box to identify any specific key. The system only releases the key assigned to the employee at that particular time.

Simple Online Reporting and Auditing

Our computerized system keeps an instant log of all key activity, which you can access online anytime. Pull customized reports that give you only the information you’re looking for.

Unmatched Warranty and Technical Support

HandyTrac offers a complete, continuous warranty on our electronic key control systems, along with technical support access. We don’t just sell you a key control system; we partner with you to make sure it meets and exceeds your security expectations.

To learn more about the features that make HandyTrac the best electronic key control option for you, contact us today.